Every Picture Tells a Story

© deskounlmtd - Brothers, 21 years age difference.

coal miner's holiday
© Thomas Andrijauskas

Old POPEYE The Sailor Man
© Ario Wibisono

old balinese smoker
© nickodarwis - this is portrait old balinese lady, when enjoy the living.

olteanu calin - From brasov, Romania

© Beppe Ranieri
A tribute to my favorite model: my mother. She has 81 years old.
In reality has never smoked in his life, but has been paid to make me happy.
We enjoyed very much. ...

Every Picture Tells a Story
© Sandy Powers

Lady Lisa. I saw her and had to photograph her so I got up my nerve and went and asked to take her photo. She was delighted, and talked to me for a long time about how she used to be a model. I showed her the picture and she really liked it ! - Sandy Powers

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