The American Dream

“It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.”
- George Carlin

culture is not your friend
“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” 
-Plato (427–347 BC) ► www.knowledgeoftoday.org/

“The enemy is fear. We think it is hate but is fear.”


Wayne Shorter photographed at home in West Hollywood by Luci Lux

 “To me jazz means: I dare you” 

Wayne Shorter is one of the last living jazz giants who defined the genre. In this in-depth interview with Max Dax, he candidly discusses his life and work.


Lili Elbe

 Lili Elbe, 1926

Well, Lili Elbe happens to be the first documented case of a transexual. Einar Wegener (born in Denmark) was a leading artist in late 1920’s Paris. One day his wife Grete asked him to dress as a woman to model for a portrait. It was a shattering event which began a struggle between his public male persona and emergent female self, Lili. Einar underwent a series of experimental operations in which his penis was removed. The surgeon attempted to implant ovaries and a uterus but was unsucessful. When the experimentation was finally over, Einar became Lili Elbe. The government annulled her marriage and she even managed to get a new birth certificate listing her as a female. Quite extraordinary for the times.


O Gajo…

Jack Nicholson e o gajo do Shinning


"O retrato de família, a foto de casamento no quarto de dormir, o retrato do proprietário no salão, de corpo inteiro ou só o busto, o rosto das crianças emoldurado em toda parte. Tudo isto que constitui de certa forma o espelho diacrônico da família, desapareceu num certo estágio da modernidade."

(Jean Baudrillard, O sistema dos objetos; - São Paulo: Editora Perspectiva, 1973).

Foto: © Eugene Richards (Álbum de família, Dorcheter, Massachusetts, 1976, colecção Museum of Contemporary Photography)

Vivian Maier, Untitled (man drinking and smoking), 1959

Chacun de nous est le dépositaire d'un héritage et le porteur d'une mission.

Statue de la Liberté à Paris, 1886

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