in memoriam

O medo da morte vêm do medo de não se ter vivido,
um homem que vive intensamente
estará preparado para morrer a qualquer instante.

O meu tio morreu ontem
paz á sua alma

Pensamento do Dia

"Eu poderia acreditar somente num Deus que soubesse dançar"


gajas com luz

Photographic Lighting Equipment

Photographic Lighting Equipment: A Comprehensive Guide for Digital Photographers
Amherst Media, Inc. | 2010-03-26 | ISBN: 1584289937 1584285397 | 128 pages | PDF | 6 MB

From flashlights and top-of-the-line studio electronic flashes to light stands and battery/inverter packs, this all-encompassing survey evaluates the vast array of lighting and equipment options available to professional photographers. Beginning with a basic history of the role of lighting equipment and the interplay between advances in capture and lighting technologies, the emphasis then shifts to advances made within the past five years that have enabled photographers to consider more low-powered and cost effective options than ever before. In addition to identifying the wide range of gear currently on the marketas well as those photographers may devise on their ownthis reference examines the pros and cons of the various technologies and provides suggestions for their most practical use. Photographs of the equipment surveyed as well as real-life images created with the different pieces of equipment are interspersed throughout the text. Other helpful hints include tips for maximizing versatility, investment in each piece of equipment, and a Top-Ten Must-Have List.”

Photographic Lighting

Light: Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting
Publisher: Focal Press 2007; 3rd edition | ISBN: 0240808193 | 47 MB
PDF | English | 320 pages

An amazing (and some would say magical) resource on photographic lighting that has been talked about in the community and recommended for years. This highly respected guide has been thoroughly updated and revised for content and design - it is now produced in full color! It introduces a logical theory of photographic lighting so if you are starting out in photography you will learn how to predict results before setting up lights. This is not primarily a how-to book with only set examples for you to copy. Rather, Light: Science and Magic provides you with a comprehensive theory of the nature and principles of light to allow you to use lighting to express your own creativity.
Numerous photographs and illustrations provide clear examples of the theories, while sidebars highlight special lighting questions. Expanded chapters on available light in portraiture, as well as new information on digital equipment and terminology make this a must have update!
*New four color art package with contemporary lighting examples
*Based on the behaviour of light
*Theory book for serious photographers

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Le plaisir fugace

- Lisa Fonssagrives photo by Irving Penn

- Model photo by Tom Palumbo

- Dora Maar, 1940 photo by Izis Bidermanas

- Marlene Dietrich photo by Helmut Newton

- Rita Haywort, unknown photo

Every Picture Tells a Story

© deskounlmtd - Brothers, 21 years age difference.

coal miner's holiday
© Thomas Andrijauskas

Old POPEYE The Sailor Man
© Ario Wibisono

old balinese smoker
© nickodarwis - this is portrait old balinese lady, when enjoy the living.

olteanu calin - From brasov, Romania

© Beppe Ranieri
A tribute to my favorite model: my mother. She has 81 years old.
In reality has never smoked in his life, but has been paid to make me happy.
We enjoyed very much. ...

Every Picture Tells a Story
© Sandy Powers

Lady Lisa. I saw her and had to photograph her so I got up my nerve and went and asked to take her photo. She was delighted, and talked to me for a long time about how she used to be a model. I showed her the picture and she really liked it ! - Sandy Powers

La cierva blanca

J. L. Borges in Central Park, N.Y.C., 1969
Photography by Diane Arbus


¿De qué agreste balada de la verde Inglaterra,
de qué lámina persa, de qué región arcana
de las noches y días que nuestro ayer encierra,
vino la cierva blanca que soñé esta mañana?

Duraría un segundo. La vi cruzar el prado
y perderse en el oro de una tarde ilusoria,
leve criatura hecha de un poco de memoria
y de un poco de olvido, cierva de un solo lado.

Los númenes que rigen este curioso mundo
me dejaron soñarte pero no ser tu dueño;
tal vez en un recodo del porvenir profundo

te encontraré de nuevo, cierva blanca de un sueño.
Yo también soy un sueño fugitivo que dura
unos días más que el sueño del prado y la blancura.

Jorge Luis Borges

El único desnudo de Adolph de Meyer

Mistério e beleza. [Dance Study], ca. 1912,
foi o único nu do fotógrafo de moda Adolph de Meyer (1868-1949).

Fonte: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

—Your place or mine? ... —Surprise me.

Fred MacMurray e Kim Novak

Kim Novak: Levas-me a casa?

Fred MacMurray: De acordo.


Fred MacMurray: A tua casa ou à minha?

Kim Novak: Surpreende-me.

(Título original: Pushover - A casa numero 322, de Richard Quine, 1954. Guião de Roy Huggins e Bill. S. Ballinger)

Um homem com uma dor

Obra de Paulo Ito


um homem com uma dor
é muito mais elegante
caminha assim de lado
como se chegasse atrasado
andasse mais adiante
carrega o peso da dor
como se portasse medalhas
uma coroa um milhão de dólares
ou coisa que os valha
ópios édens analgésicos
não me toquem nessa dor
ela é tudo que me sobra
sofrer, vai ser minha última obra

Paulo Leminski (1944-1989)

Smoking kills, so start today

Photo: Helmut Newton - Catherine Deneuve
Photo: Giuliano Bekor - Model
Photo: unknown - Jean Moral, Femme a la cigarette, 1930
Photo: Helmut Newton - (his wife of 55 years – June Brown)
Photo: Brassai - “Bijou” of the Montmartre cabarets 1933
Photo: Richard Avedon - Marlene Dietrich
Photo: unknown - Lauren Bacall
Photo: Helmut Newton - Sigourney Weaver

A arte de viver afinal é simplesmente a arte de conviver

Quando alguém pergunta a um autor o que este quis dizer, é porque um dos dois é burro.

Mário Quintana

The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs

Publisher: Greenwood Press | ISBN: 0313318077 | edition 2002 | PDF | 504 pages

Covers detail information of almost all addictive drugs

Pass: www.dl4all.com




Sky & Telescope's : Pocket Sky Atlas

| 110 pages | English | 57MB | PDF |



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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Astronomy

From dramatic lunar eclipses to brilliant comets, the night sky fascinates people. Brimming with beautiful color photos, this book walks you through everything you need to know to maximize your enjoyment of astronomy, from choosing a telescope to identifying constellations and planets. Whether you're a student, hobbyist, or lifelong stargazer, you can turn to this book for practical guidance on observing stars, planets, moons, and galaxies; tracking meteors, comets, and eclipses; choosing tools for viewing; and photographing the skies. Helpful star maps, charts, and timetables bring the sky to life!

Richard Talcott
ISBN: 0470343826

The 100 Best Targets for Astrophotography (2009)

PDF | 363 pages | 16.3 MB
Over 200 years ago, many of the celestial treasures on the following pages were cataloged by Charles Messier and William Hershel using telescopes primitive by today’s standards. These catalogs have formed the basis of most amateur astronomers’ targets for observing. The most famous is Messier’s Catalog of 109 objects. Despite their popularity with visual astronomers, Charles Messier’s choices were neither the brightest nor the most beautiful through the eyepiece. His list was compiled to define objects that might be confused with comets by other comet hunters – in other words, a list of potential mistakes. Entire regions of the sky, which fell outside of the area where comets might be found, were excluded from his list. This may explain how several bright deep sky objects such as the Double Cluster in Perseus were excluded.
In this century, the growth in quality and accessibility of amateur telescopes has driven an explosion of observing lists. The Herschel 400 list, compiled more than 30 years ago by the Ancient City Astronomy Club of Florida, includes objects selected from Herschel’s General Catalog that would “challenge” observers with telescopes 6 in. or larger. In 1995, Patrick Moore published the Caldwell list (his legal last name is Caldwell-Moore) of 109 objects, which includes both bright and dim objects excluded by Messier. His selection includes some small and challenging targets, not just the crowd pleasers. Most recently, in 2007, Stephen O’Meara published a list of 109 “hidden treasures” that seeks to fill in the gap left by the Messier and Caldwell lists. Like the Caldwell list, O’Meara’s list dips deep into the southern hemisphere.
These famous lists are excellent for visual astronomy but can be disappointing for the astrophotographer. For example, a sparse open star cluster sparkles at the eyepiece but can be uninspiring as an image. A small planetary nebula may be striking visually but may be too small to show interesting detail in a photograph. On the other hand, many nebulae that are faint to the eye can have striking texture and hue on long exposures. Spiral galaxies blossom into a rich diversity of shapes and colors.


o saboroso oficio do doce olhar

Vale mais a pena ver uma coisa sempre pela primeira vez que conhecê-la.
Porque conhecer é como nunca ter visto pela primeira vez,
E nunca ter visto pela primeira vez é só ter ouvido contar.

Alberto Caeiro - de quem Fernando Pessoa considerava seu mestre.

Isabel Muñoz

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