Opium Museum

Opium Smoking in China circa 1890
Opium San Francisco 1900
19th century rice paper painting Chinese opium smoker

Opium Film, Dandy Pacha, France 1908 - 1918

New York City Opium Den by Winslow Homer

French nude postcard, ca. 19th century
White Women in Opium Den, Chinatown, S. F.
From Album of views of California and the West, Canada, and China ca. 1885-ca. 1895 - Louis Philippe Lessard
capa de "Le Petit Journal" de 5 de julho de 1903 - "French opium den"
english school, the opium traffic, chinese selling opium from the illustrated london news, 4th february 1882
Opium Smokers - illustration by Thomas Allom (1804-1872)

ChinaTown San Francisco, California 1880
Chinatown N Y - Pell Street

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