Birds of the World (DK Handbooks)
By Alan Greensmith | DK ADULT (1993) | ISBN: 1564582965
PDF | English | 57 MB | 416 pages

It is hard to imagine a raison d'etre for this book, for its pretentions to be a field guide, as bruited on the dust cover, are absurd and are surprising coming from the authors, two highly respected ornithologists. What we have instead are species accounts of 800 birds, nine percent of the world total. These very brief accounts include a few sentences of general commentary; very small sections on range and nesting; a range map, color photo, and drawing showing scale; and one or two other small illustrations. This good selection of the world's birds, shown in quality photographs, is fine as far as it goes, but it is too limited to serve as an indentification guide. The traveler needs regional guides, and there are already many good ones for almost all parts of the world. Fun for browsing but otherwise only marginally useful.

The Bird Book
By Chester A. Reed | Doubleday, Page & Company (1915)
PDF | English | 72 MB | 486 pages

Chester A. Reed knows birds. He studied them for thirty years in the hand for plumage, and in their haunts for habits. He studied them in their homes and photographed hundreds of them as they were actually feeding their young. Besides being able to write about these things in an interesting and instructive manner, he is classed as one of the foremost bird artists in America. This rare combination of Artist/Author/Naturalist produced the ultimate bird book. This book might well be called an illustrated dictionary of North American birds. In this facsimile edition you will find more than seven hundred birds illustrated, along with hundreds of photographs of their nests and eggs. This wonderful guide gives you the information you need to make a quick identification of any bird you are likely to meet, as well as a plethora of information about it and its haunts. Simply a wonderful birding tool.


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