Tempus Fugit

I've been thinking a lot about time lately. Precious moments with grand-nephews and great-grandmas, sisters and brothers, former students. Memories of Mrs. Bode my Latin Teacher of 45 years ago. As Fate would have it, she introduced me to the Moraie. And she taught me that "Ars longa; Vita brevis." Or as she playfully punned , "Tempus fidgets."

As I write this friends and colleagues across the world are in many different time zones. I can use tools such as this to establish what time it is where they are. But where are they psychologically in terms of time?

How is time perception different as a function of age? As a function of psychological state? Are there (cross) cultural differences? Cross-generational differences?

Walt and I used to talk about perceptions of the passage of time. He was indeed a giant of a person. Father Time. Photos can freeze time. I wonder what he was listening to on the radio? I'm sure he's listening right now surrounded by dogs.

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