Step across the border

Fred Frith - Step across the border (OST, 1990)

Step Across the Border is a 1990 avant-garde documentary film on English guitarist, composer and improviser Fred Frith. It was written and directed by Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel and released in Germany and Switzerland.
Shot in black and white, the 35mm documentary was filmed between 1988 and 1990 in Japan, Italy, France, Germany, England, the United States and Switzerland

Tom Cora - cello, drums, vocals
Zeena Parkins - keyboards, drums, vocals
Bill Laswell - bass
Fred Maher - drums
Bob Ostertag - synthesizer, tape, sampler
Haco - piano, vocals
John Zorn - alto saxophone
Daihachi Oguchi - drums
Rene Lussier - bass
Kevin Norton - drums
Jean Derome - alto saxophone
Hans Bruniusson - drums
Eino Haapala - guitar, drums
Lars Hollmer - keyboards
Tim Hodgkinson - bass clarinet
Pavel Fajt - beercans, guitar, vocals
Iva Bittova - violin, vocals
Tina Curran - bass

25 songs

1990, Rec Rec music

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