Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus
American photographer
[New York 1923 - 1971 ]

Child with a Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park, NYC, 1962
Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover, Massachusetts
Contact sheet of Child with a Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park, NYC, 1962
Identical Twins, Roselle, N.J. 1967
Girl with a Watch Cap, New York City, 1965
Mrs. T. Charlton Henry in her Chestnut Hill home, Philadelphia, PA., 1965
| Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Two Friends at Home, NYC, 1965
Russian Midget Friends in Leaving Room 100th Street , NYC, 1963
Retired man and his wife in a nudist camp one morning, N.J.1963
A young Brooklyn Family going for a Sunday outing, N.Y.C. 1966
Untitled, c. 1970
Collection Groninger Museum
Jewish Giant at Home with his Parents, 1970
Masked woman in wheelchair, , PA (1970)

Triplets in their Bedroom, 1967
Teenage couple on Hudson Street, N.Y.C. 1963
Their numbers were picked out of a hat.
They were just chosen King and Queen of a Senior Citizens dance in NYC.
Yetta Granaf is 72 and Charles Fahrer is 79.

They have never met before. 1970
Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas
Albino Sword Swallower at a carnival, Md. 1970

diane arbus . a life in black, white and gray

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