Entheogenic [En(in)theo(God)gen(generation)]

A Brief Introduction to Ethnomycology

The experience attained by the Entheogenic [En(in)theo(God)gen(generation)] use of this mushroom is extremely valuable, yet the rules for experimentation of this type are unforgiving. Never eat any mushroom, unless you are absolutely certain that it is the one you want. Verify its identification with an expert mycologist. This is not a recreational experience. The Shamanic "DEATH (and REBIRTH) EXPERIENCE" is called that for a very good reason (it is, what it is). When experimenting with entheogenic mushrooms, always have a few friends along (as monitors) in case you need to be assured that you are not dying. Research this before experimenting. Plan a full day for your experience. This is not a scheduled substance, responsible and careful use will keep it that way. Be Smart, Ever onward. Most of all, JUST SAY KNOW.

-- James

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