A Última Sopa

The Last Supper – History and Parody
da primeira à ultima ceia
The Last Supper was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in a rather short period of about three years; that was from 1495 to 1498 AD. A span of three years is considered to be short because the painting was a masterpiece from the point of view of human expression. It was considered to be a very short time even by da Vinci himself, because he had a habit of procrastinating his work. The painting today is preserved in the dining hall of the Santa Maria delle Grazie Convent in the city of Milan, Italy.

The reason that the painting is a masterpiece is that da Vinci took a snapshot of history itself. The imagination that has been deployed by him is also astounding. This famous painting depicts the scene of the Last Supper, where Jesus Christ announces his prediction, that one of his close followers (the twelve apostles), was going to betray him. The expressions of all the characters in the painting are captured by Leonardo da Vinci in just a fraction of a second after Jesus announces his prediction. The expressions and emotions that appear on the faces of the apostles in just a fraction of a second show surprise, outrage, shock and even fright.

Leonardo da Vinci - A Ultima Ceia - 1495-98

1480 last supper Domenico Ghirlandaio

1481-82 Rosselli, Cosimo

Jacopo Bassano 1542 Last Supper

frytopian last dinner

Luis Bunuel, Viridiana, 1961

Kurt Trampedach, Nadverbillede, 1969

Mary Beth Edelson, Some Living American Women Artists/Last Supper, 1971

Ultra Violet, The last Supper, 1972

Andy Warhol, The Last Supper, 1986

Raoef Mamedov, The Last Supper, 1997

Annie Leibowitz, The Sopranos, 1999

Devorah Sperber, After the Last Supper, 2005

Wang Nengtao, The last supper, 2007

Ben Willikens, Raum 608 (Last Supper), 2009

Robert Altman, Mash, 1970

Euro RSCG, Mortein. Kills all rats, 2007

Paddy Power, 2005

Marithé et François Girbaud, 2005

Bears Against AIDS, 2006

casaro invitation

Eric Deschamps, Star Wars Last Supper, 2005

Annie Leibowitz, The Sopranos, 1999

Battlestar Galactica, Last Supper, 2008

Lost Supper, 2010

Dr. House Last Supper, 2008

sesame street

in Simpsons (Thank god its doomsday), 2005

in South Park (Margaritaville), 2009

Rich Kyanka, The Last Supper, 2003

the last happy meal by fourpanelher

mickey's last supper

Stano Masár, After Leonardo, 2004

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